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Our History

In September 2015, the founders of Northern Lights Aid traveled to the island of Lesvos, Greece in response to the emerging humanitarian crisis. Quickly realizing the desperate need for support on the island, the founders decided to make Lesvos their base of operation.


In January 2016, Northern Lights Aid was established as an official NGO. The organisation was initially created to provide emergency aid to first arrivals on the island. Our team provided clothing, food, water, shelter and alerted medical groups, as well as the Hellenic Coast Guard, in the event of emergencies on land or at sea.

After several months working on Lesvos, with a changing political climate in Europe and the presence of more organisations on the island, it was decided that NLA was needed elsewhere. In March 2016, near the border with the Republic of Macedonia, the village of ldomeni became the new base for Northern Lights Aid. During this time, NLA focussed on providing food and non-food items, including clothing and hygiene products and also provided shelter as well as activities for children. When residents from unofficial refugee camps in Greece began to be transferred to government-run facilities in the summer of 2016, NLA was granted official approval by the Ministry of Migration Policy to operate within the Kavala Perigiali camp.


In 2017, changes to Greek law governing volunteer organisations forced NLA to move its operations from
inside the camp to a rented premises a short walk away.

Northern Lights Aid’s current activities are focussed on implementing innovative, compassionate solutions and creating community-oriented projects serving around 400 residents of the Kavala Perigiali camp.

Our Mission

Our Values

Northern Lights Aid has the objective to preserve human dignity and
promote community integration amongst refugees and others in need.


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >


Why We're Great >

Contact us:

Org. number: 916 540 760

Find us:

St.Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo, Norway

104 A.E.S, 65201 Kavala, Greece

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