English Classes

We run daily English classes for children, women and men of the Perigiali Camp. We believe in the importance of continuous education and the classes are therefore designed for different level of English and are accessible to all. 

Clothing Store

We run a free-clothing store where we provide second hands clothing items for free in a space designed as a real store. Once a week, we run a mother & baby program, using a credit system that women can use or save to access essential items, including baby accessories and hygiene items such as diapers. 


We have a workshop space available for anyone who wants to carry out practical activities. All the residents in the camp have daily access to this space for tailoring, carpeting, design and creativity. 

Community Garden

The purpose of the community garden is to develop a space for different groups to interact together. The space was transformed from a field, into a beautiful space where are growing different plants, fruits and vegetable. It is the perfect place for community gathering and children activities.


We host a variety of events with locals and camp residents. These activities include sporting events, holidays, and community gathering. The goal of these celebrations is to create joyful occasions to foster community integration, within residents of the camp but also with the Greek community. 

Emergency Relief 

Northern Lights Aid currently supports refugees individuals and families logistically and financially, in order to be relocated with their family members in Europe. We work with local and international organisations, to help alleviate gaps in the system providing relief for vulnerable cases when officials forces are not able to respond to specific needs. 

Contact us:

Org. number: 916 540 760

Find us:

St.Olavs plass, 0130 Oslo, Norway

104 A.E.S, 65201 Kavala, Greece

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